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What it does

Appruv is an easy-to-use application developed for Loan Officers. Appruv expedites the sales process by allowing homebuyers to create on-demand (fully branded) pre-approval letters and loan calculations.

Both Buyers and Realtors love Appruv because they now have the power to expedite the purchase process in this aggressive real estate market.

How it works

How it works

Loan Officers

Log in to Appruv.me to create your fully branded account with digital signature and logo.

  • Once you have created an account you can add all of your buyers to your dashboard and enter in their max loan amounts, interest rate, loan type, etc. After you have entered your buyers information they will get an email requesting they complete their account by creating a password.
  • Don’t worry about updating the interest rates for all of your buyers! Appruv automatically updates the interest rates on a weekly basis.


Simply create a password from an automatically generated email from your loan officer and start creating on-demand pre-approval letters.

  • Want to create a pre-approval letter for a specific loan amount? Simply click "Estimate Monthly Payments" with the sales price, estimated property taxes, estimated annual insurance premium and HOA dues (if applicable) and click Calculate. From there you can instantaneously send your pre-approval letter directly to your realtor(s).

Archiving a deal

Once the process is over, the Loan Officer has the option to Archive any and all deals.


Loan Officer

90-days free trial

  • After a 90-day free trial, Appruv charges $20 per month for unlimited use with no subscription fees or commitments.
  • If you don't add any buyers during a slow month then we reduce the price to $5

Home Buyer



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Note: Appruv doesn’t have any subscription fees or commitments so if you don't find it valuable then you are free to opt out!

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